I cannot imagine willingly being a part of any gang, or being forced to be in their ranks. It is difficult for me to imagine what it would have been like to have lived through the Salvadoran Civil War and being in the position of any of my family members. Living in the United States, I know I have a great, and sometimes overlooked, ability to not have to wake up every morning with the looming danger that exists in certain parts of El Salvador. I am blessed to have an intact family and to have the freedom to go out with relative safety wherever I want, whether it be school or spending time with friends. El Salvador is a country mixed with the ingredients of violence and joy, a place with a lot of history and citizens trying to have a decent life. I hope that brighter days are incoming for El Salvador. Everyone in this world should be able to live in harmony without any unnecessary fear. I remember El Salvador for its beauty and its merriment, and hopefully some day, this can be the reality of El Salvador in every citizen’s eyes.